The Multifunctional Store & Dispense System

Make Ingredient Storage & Recipe Preparation more Convenient, Consistent & Clean with PantryChic

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Airtight Storage

Safely store dry ingredients in SmartCanisters to increase ingredient shelf-life & decrease waste.

Precise Measuring

Perfect your recipes and eliminate the need for inconsistent measuring cups & spoons. PantryChic auto-converts volume to weight assuring perfect results every time.


Save time in clean up and minimize the mess with auto-dispensing straight from SmartCanisters into your bowl.

Ingredient Recognition

Once you assign your SmartCanister to 1 of the 100+ preprogrammed ingredients, PantryChic will store it along with volume to weight conversions.

Digital Scale

Use the base unit scale to weigh all things not stored in your SmartCanisters (proteins, liquids,  other dry foods, etc.)

Take the guesswork out of measuring with the Press of a Button!

Hear from our Happy Customers

Meet Megan Meiler, one of PantryChic's sweet customers who is a frequent baker who is saving time preparing recipes with her PantryChic System!

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