A multifunctional Small Kitchen Appliance

Airtight SmartCanisters (BPA Free)

Keep ingredients fresh and your pantry organized with PantyChic SmartCanisters™. Rectangular and stackable to maximize storage space.

Automatic Dispensing

Ingredients are automatically dispensed from SmartCanisters into your bowl eliminating the need for measuring utensils & minimizing the cleanup.

Automatic Conversions (Volume to Weight)

Simplify measuring to assure accuracy and consistency.

Precision Scale

Complete a recipe from start to finish using your PantryChic System. Use the base unit scale as a traditional digital scale to weigh dry ingredients not stored in your SmartCanisters, liquids, meats, etc. 

Auto-Recognition for 100+ Ingredients

SmartCanisters are programmable and retain ingredient information upon assigning each SmartCanister.