Meet the PantryChic Family: Nikki, Christopher, Chase, Pierce & Reese Lee

Most American recipes that Nikki used were written in volume and required converting each ingredient, along with using multiple kitchen devices – a scale, measuring cups, etc. She thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could just put my bowl under a canister and press a button to get exactly what I need?

To her surprise, she found there was nothing out there to meet this need. This key insight, combined with several years of research from bakers and foodies at every experience level, led to the development of the PantryChic Smart Storage System.

As a mom, Nikki also knows how important an organized kitchen. With this in mind, she developed the airtight SmartCanisters to go with the system. These not only store ingredients, but also dispense them straight into your bowl minimizing the mess.

Nikki enjoys baking with her children. Reese (3), loves pressing dispense on her PantryChic Smart Storage System.

Over 10 years ago, Nikki Lee, founder and inventor of PantryChic, realized there were no kitchen devices to solve a very simple issue – the ability to cook and bake precisely. PantryChic started on that premise – to make purposeful solutions to everyday problems in the kitchen.

While making cookies in her small NYC apartment, Nikki found she was left unsatisfied with inconsistent results and a messy kitchen. In frustration, she started researching how to improve her results and (as most professional bakes will tell you) learned that baking is truly a science. In order to achieve consistent results, measuring by weight is key (well that and fresh ingredients of course!).

PantryChic® Junior Pros

Nikki & Chris' twin sons, Pierce (6) & Chase (6) have been a part of the PantryChic journey from the beginning. Here they are testing the first PantryChic Smart Storage System!

“Whether you’re seeking more accuracy and efficiency preparing recipes or looking forward to experimenting with new ones, we hope the PantryChic System brings as much joy and fun into your kitchen adventures as it has to ours.

Our three little ones absolutely love pressing the Spoon button and watching the ingredients neatly dispense into the bowl!” – Nikki Lee, Mom-preneur, Inventor, Baker