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Product Information:

How much Flour and Granulated Sugar can the Large SmartCanister hold?

The Large SmartCanister can hold a full 5lb bag of flour or a 4lb bag of Granulated Sugar.

Overfilling the canisters may result in an error due to the weight of the ingredient. If this happens, try removing some ingredient from the canister.

What are the sizes of each component? Does this fit under my cabinets?

The Dimensions are as follows:

Base Unit: 7"W x 11.5"H x 10"D

Large SmartCanister: 6.5"W x 5.5"H x 9.25"D

Small SmartCanister: 3.25"W x 5.5"H x 9"D

The base unit easily fits under your cabinets. In addition, if you enjoy displaying your canisters but don't want to take up too much countertop real estate, you can stack your canisters to maximize your space!

How do I clean the PantryChic System?

You can put your SmartCanisters on the TOP RACK (only) in the dishwasher, but your best bet is a strong sink faucet head.

Tip: To dry, turn the canister over and keep the bottom cap open (I use a spoon) so that it air-dries completely. If cleaning after storing a fine/cakey ingredient, you may want to use a baster brush to wipe away stuck ingredients under the auger before wetting (or after). 

Simply clean the Base unit with a damp cloth or paper towel.

How does it do with fine powders like Powdered Sugar?

While PantryChic is validated for fine powdered ingredients like Confectionary Sugar, we do have some tips and tricks to assist in a successful dispensing experience:

  • Don't overfill the canister. If you overfill with these types of ingredients, they may "tunnel" or clog resulting in error messages.
  • Try dispensing a smaller quantity to avoid tunneling and so that you can remove the canister and give it a shake to redistribute the ingredients for the next dispense.
  • If you're using the small canister (only recommend to use this size if you're dispensing smaller quantities - under 1/2cup), make sure you put the shaker ball on top of the auger.


How can I place an order?

Want to order the novel PantryChic System? Simply head over to our Store (PantryChic Collection) and select the product(s) you want to purchase. (Don't forget to sign up for ourNewsletterto take advantage of our Sweet Deal!)

If you are a small business and need more assistance in placing a large order, feel free to contact us directly at customerservice@pantrychic.com so we can assist you further.

How can I find out the status of my order?

Want to know the status of your order? You can use theChat Inboxat the bottom right to get up to date information on your orders.

*PLEASE NOTE: We use Amazon Fulfillment to get you your products in a timely manner therefore your order may come in multiple shipments/tracking numbers from multiple carriers/distribution centers.

If this is the case and you only received 1 tracking number, please contact us at orders@pantrychic.com so we can review your order and assure you have all the associated tracking information.

How can I cancel an order?

Need to cancel or change an order? No problem, please email us directly at orders@pantrychic.com with your order number and we'll be happy to assist you.


How much is shipping?

It's FREE!!!

We know shipping prices are continuing to rise, but are confident you will love your PantryChic System so much, we offer free shipping on all orders.

*No code necessary

How many Shipments will my order come in?

We use Amazon Fulfillment for all orders. To expedite their arrival, your order may arrive in multiple shipments.

If you only received a portion of your order, rest assured the remaining portion will be on its way.

If this is the case and you only received 1 tracking number, please contact us at customerservice@pantrychic.com so we can follow up with the carrier and obtain the additional tracking numbers for you.

Returns & exchanges

Where can I find warranty information?

You can find more information on our 1 year warranty policy here:


What is PantryChic's return policy?

While we hope everyone loves their PantryChic System as much as we do, we want to make sure all our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase.

We have a 30 day return policy. Our team is happy to help with returns for products you purchased through PantryChic.com.

To return purchased PantryChic Systems and/or SmartCanisters, please go to your PantryChic account page and select “My Orders” to view past orders that are eligible for an online return.

(For more information please refer to ourReturn Policy)

For all other returns, please contact ourcustomer service teamat the number listed below:

1 (866) 450-7145

NOTE: We only accept returns for products purchased directly from PantryChic.com. If you purchased a product at another retailer, please contact that retailer regarding your return.