Measuring Cups vs. Scales...are they equal?

Posted by Jane Smith on

Ask any professional Pastry Chef what they use to measure ingredients and they'll all say a scale. Why? Simply put, weight is more accurate than volume!

If we conducted an experiment (we actually did something similar in our focus in our PantryChic focus groups!) and had 3 individuals measure out 1 Cup of flour without instructing them on technique, then weigh each cup, you would find variability between each person's measurement. 

Why is this? Measuring by volume is variable! From how you store your ingredients, where you store them and the technique - or lack there of - to which you measure out that 1 Cup, will depend on each individual. Weight on the other hand, is precise - 125g of flour is always 125g!

So why does this matter? When you cook, a dash or pinch of something won't alter your recipe too much as you can adjust to your taste. Baking however, is a science, requiring accurate measurements to achieve those perfect results. Liquids are typically quite accurate measuring by volume, but dry ingredients can be 


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