Now You Can Create Allergy Free Baking Mixes with PantryChic™ Store and Dispense System™

PantryChic Store and Dispense System helps families enjoy affordable, allergy-safe baking while reducing cross contamination.

There are many food allergy safe baked goods out on the market. Pre-made mixes, flours, and fully baked items have taken off in most specialized stores year round. You can even find gluten-free pie crust mix just in time for the holidays. But these mixes and specialty baked goods have huge mark ups, and can be too expensive to become part of a regular diet. If you like to bake breads, cookies, and other tasty treats for your friends and family on a regular basis, store-bought blends will quickly empty your wallet. Something’s got to give.

The secret is making your own baking mixes – and keeping them on hand for whenever you need. This way, everyone can enjoy your delicious, allergy free baked goods, without you spending a fortune on single batch bags of pricey mix. Plus, using mixes saves you considerable time and clean-up in the kitchen, so you have time to spend doing what matters most – sharing your gifts with those you love.

Baking from scratch for others with food sensitivities can be a challenge when safe and non-safe ingredients mix. If your kitchen contains bags of conventional flours, soy, nuts and grains, you risk cross contamination with your gluten-free, or other allergy safe ingredients. Measuring cups, bowls, and utensils all pose threats to contaminating safe ingredients with non-safe ingredients. Unlike commercial facilities dedicated to food safety, the home baker has less ability and fewer tools to guarantee food safety.

But there is solution for home bakers to measure, mix and store your own baking blends. The product is called PantryChic. About the size of a kitchen-aid mixer, PantryChic allows bakers to keep ingredients safely sealed in individual canisters throughout the entire baking process. The mixing mechanisms are designed to stay inside each canister. Simply wipe down the base unit opening between uses to assure no residue remains. This is ideal for bakers who prepare both conventional baked goods and allergy free ones. The dispensing system removes the need for scoops, spoons and other tools to move flour from bag to bowl. And the built in, programmable scale is created to measure exact weights of your dry ingredients and neatly dispense them into your mixing bowl.

Thanks to products like PantryChic, you can share the love of baking with all your friends and family. Created by Nicole Sollazzo-Lee and designed by the industrial design and engineering team at Silicon Valley design firm, Focus Product Design, PantryChic is moving forward to becoming a product reality.


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