Bluetooth Connected PantryChic Brings Professional Baking Preparation to Home Baker

Professional bakers know measurement is the foundation for consistent results and high quality baked goods. But weighing, handling and pouring multiple dry ingredients for a recipe is a tedious, messy, time consuming hassle.

Enter the PantryChic™ Store and Dispense System™. Bringing together the technology of a programmable ingredient library database, intuitive LED interface and minimal design, PantryChic™ Store and Dispense System™ is designed for the baker who wants to take their baking quality to a professional level.

Simple to use - All you do is drop the ingredient box on top, enter the amount, and dispense the ingredients into your bowl. Without spatulas and mixing utensils used to transfer ingredients, PantryChic™ Store and Dispense System™ keeps you away from the kitchen sink, so you can spend more time doing what matters most. 

PantryChic™ Store and Dispense System™ started in the tiny New York City kitchen of Nicole Sollazzo-Lee. Dissatisfied with inconsistent batches of holiday cookies, and not enough counter space to handle a full holiday spread, Nicole quickly identified a need for a simple, convenient and more time efficient way to store, measure and collect ingredients.

PantryChic™ is moving forward to becoming a product reality.

The appliance is designed by the industrial design and engineering team at Silicon Valley design firm, Focus Product Design.
Nicole is taking her product to Indiegogo November 18th, and with enough support, this ingenious, simplifying product can move from production to stores like Sur La Table, for bakers and tech lovers like you to use. 

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