Now You Can Create Allergy Free Baking Mixes with PantryChic™ Store and Dispense System™

The dispensing system removes the need for contaminating scoops, spoons and other tools to move flour from bag to bowl. And the built in, programmable scale is created to measure exact weights of your dry ingredients and neatly dispense them into your mixing bowl.

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Bluetooth Connected PantryChic Brings Professional Baking Preparation to Home Baker

Professional bakers know measurement is the foundation for consistent results and high quality baked goods. But weighing, handling and pouring multiple dry ingredients for a recipe is a tedious, messy, time consuming hassle. That's where PantryChic™ comes in. By integrating Bluetooth® connectivity, users will be able to search for new recipes online and send the ingredient list from their tablets and smartphones directly to the PantryChic™ System, then dispense the exact quantity into their mixing bowl without making a mess. 

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Getting Back to Baking Basics: Ingredient Preparation and Measurement

PantryChic™ Store and Dispense System™ is a sleek measurement appliance that makes weighing and organizing dry ingredients simple and elegant. It’s for people that would like to prepare fresh baked goods from scratch everyday – but don’t want the clean-up and prep time these preparations can take. 

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Welcome to the PANTRYCHIC™ Website!

We are excited to launch our new website and introduce the new brand PANTRYCHIC! PANTRYCHIC, a division of Nik of Time, Inc. strives to provide today's busy consumers with revolutionary kitchen products to simplify the baking and cooking experience.  

PANTRYCHIC strives to make multifunctional products that make life in the kitchen more convenient with less clean up. Our first product line (to be launched later this year), The PANTRYCHIC Store & Dispense System offers a simple, convenient way to store and gather ingredients while minimizing clean up time.

The Revolutionary Ingredient Store & Dispense System eliminates the messy and tedious aspects of food preparation so you can fall in love with baking again.

Key features of the PANTRYCHIC Store & Dispense System include:

Convenient Store, Measure & Dispense System:

  • Simplifies Ingredient Preparation
  • with Minimal Clean Up!

Automatic Dispensing System:

  • Controls portions, measures precisely and dispenses with the push of a button.
  • Eliminates the hassle of using measuring cups and spoons.

Sophisticated Storage System:

  • Rectangular canisters to maximize storage space & allow for easy stacking.
  • Airtight seal to preserve your dry ingredients

‘Baking from Scratch’ without the Hassle:

  • Total control of ingredients for dietary and health needs.
  • Precise measuring for portion control and consistent baking & cooking results.
  • Create custom baking mixes from scratch!

Integrated Traditional Digital Scale:

  • On a diet? Need help with portion control?
  • Weighs meats, liquids, and more.

Simplify homemade baking. Control what’s in your food.

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